A platform for parents to create a safe carpooling network for their kids.

With 1 click, use your network to transport your kids HareShare is an app that builds a bridge between busy parents in the community to create a trustworthy rideshare network for kids. Hareshare is safe, affordable and convenient.

Safe transportation for your children

All the drivers you request are your trusted friends and neighbors or recommended drivers live in the same community.

Friends and family lend a hand

Friends and family will get a notification and can use the app to get all the information they need to pick up the kids.

Real time updates

Get real time updates and all the information to ensure that your children are safe.

Our Media Review
  • Melinda Kim—Oak Creek Elementary School

    “I’m a working mom of two and getting my kids to and from sports and activities can be a challenge. With Hareshare, now I’m able to ping my group of moms all at once to see if anyone can pick up or drop off my children! It’s cheaper then Uber and payments goes to moms I know.
    This app lets us get back to helping out each other with a modern twist of adding in safety and incentives.”

    Melinda Kim—Oak Creek Elementary School
  • Yingqi Linghu—Woodbury Elementary School

    “HareShare is a well-designed and easy-to-use app with one particular type of target users – busy working parents who are seeking to help each other out. The app is based on the concept that time and efforts can be pooled among trusted neighborhood friends for child-rearing logistics.
    With HareShare, you select who you request help from. “

    Yingqi Linghu—Woodbury Elementary School
  • Caroline Yu—Woodbury Elementary School

    “I am one of those parents who are in great need of the help with picking up and riding from friends and neighbors, and one of those who are experiencing the help from each other, at a small cost. Thanks to HareShare. We’ve seen a potential life-changing “self-serving community” is being built. It is using a plat form that will only allow ride request to be shared among friends from the community. “

    Caroline Yu—Woodbury Elementary School